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may be known to most readers as a bird with a dark but speckled
plumage. They are known to lay blue eggs, and are also gregarious. Now
that I’ve introduced to you some interesting facts about some species
of Starling, I’d like to launch a special platform on UG for readers to
get to know the free jazz fusion efforts of Matt Starling and his band.
A Summa Cum Laude-Graduate of Berklee College of Music, Starling’s
album—Kairos—is a wonderful blend of coffee, prodigious talent and
classic Jazz grooves. Berklee College of Music may be renowned for
producing talents such as Steve Vai (duh) and Alf Clausen (Composer of
The Simpsons’ theme tune). The essential question is whether or not
Starling’s musical cadenza that is less than mainstream can match the
School’s traditions. Talent is on his side. Starling is a starlet that
should not be missed..